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5 Primary Ways To Grow Wealth In Bitcoins

Hey today I have very important info to share with you! This is a post by the founder of Bitcoins Wealth Club
There are actually 5 ways to grow your wealth in Bitcoins 
Way #1) Buy bitcoins and hold them for the next 3 years – The price of Bitcoin went up from just $1 in 2011 to $4,400 as of October 2017, many people became multimillionaires, and it’s really just the beginning!
Expert and analysts predict that the price can realistically go up in value to $100,000 per 1 bitcoin as soon as 2018 – 2019! isn’t it crazy!?
Yep, I actually shared why Bitcoins is the most exciting investment vehicle on earth here in this video 
That’s why people pulling money out like crazy out of their retirement funds, 401Ks, savings & investment accounts and put it all in Bitcoins! Instead of getting measly 0 – 10% a year returns you can make a fortune! It’s a much better and safer place to keep your wealth there!
100 – 200 million of dollars a day worldwide are being transferred into Bitcoins worldwide, and soon the Bitcoin will be a trillion dollars market!
So the time to buy Bitcoins is RIGHT NOW, before the price will go up again and I show you the best ways to buy Bitcoins right here in this video
Way #2) Bitcoins Mining – it’s not profitable as it used to be because it’s expensive and unless you’re partnering up with big mining companies and renting equipment from them (We’ll show you how as well inside the club) then mining not the best way to earn Bitcoins.
Way #3)  My FAVORITE way is to partner up with legitimate businesses that will trade cryptocurrencies for you using their proprietary methods, teams, expertise and software while you make great returns.
What kind of returns? Not the measly 0-10% a year.. I’m talking about life changing 0.5% – 1.25% a day kind of returns!
Look just having your Bitcoins in your wallet will not mean it will magically grow there.. No, it will stay the same UNLESS you invest it and grow your Bitcoin amount actively!
Listen I will break down for you exactly how to earn multiple streams of PASSIVE income and how you can legitimately turn 1 bitcoin into 5 bitcoins over and over again, and get paid DAILY, earning minimum 0.5% – 1%+ a day returns!
Way #4) Refer people to our Wealth Building Vehicles and build a massive team of referrals to Bitcoins Wealth Club system and you will earn a lot of Bitcoins!
The more people you refer to the system the more people that are going to join your Bitcoins businesses the more money you are going to earn! I have built teams of thousands of people thanks to the strategies and duplication of the system!
We actually have weekly competition with prizes that you can win up to 0.05 bitcoins! Just refer people to Bitcoins Wealth Club and you will win, you can check our leaderboard.
Way #5) Trade cryptocurrencies yourself. The point is to buy them at a low price and sell them at higher price (most people do the opposite)
There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available on the marketplace right now and some of them can make you rich (Including new coins that show up in the marketplace)
But most coins are JUNK. They have no real value. You need to know which coins to buy, WHEN to buy them and when to sell them.
No doubt that people could turn $100 into a retirement fortune with come cryptocurrencies..
Now it’s much higher risk I’ll tell you upfront to trade yourself and it requires a lot of specialized knowledge and skills to do so (We have training for that as well in case you want to develop this competency)
Crypto-currencies market just hit over $100 billion dollars market cap, and it will go to trillions, there is a HUGE opportunity for you to capitalize and make money.
There you have it! Those are the 5 main ways to grow your wealth in Bitcoins! Now of course you can also start accepting Bitcoins for your products and services.
Alright that’s it for today, tomorrow I will share with you 3 strategies to hit $30,000 a month as soon as 4 months from now, stay tuned!
If you have any questions please post them inside our Facebook group or on the fan page!
Vitaliy Dubinin
Founder of Bitcoins Wealth Club
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