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Earn $50 Daily on Autopilot

FREE  Auto-Pilot Income Generator Makes You Up To $50 A Day…On Complete Auto-Pilot!

Hi and welcome to this short tutorial on how to make money online on complete auto-pilot without selling anything or spending a single penny.

Today I am going to show you a dead simple way to make up to $50 a day on complete auto-pilot.


First…I am going to show you how to make up to $.45 per click for every visitor that you send to a certain website.

Next…I am going to show you how to get unlimited clicks on the links that pay you up to $.45 per click on complete auto-pilot…without spending 1 single penny on advertising.

I have made as much as $50 in 1 day using this method and I am going to show you how to do the same thing..for free!

Yes..It’s as simple as that!

Ready to make some easy money?

Ok….Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Join The Program That Will Pay You As Much As $.45 per Visitor That They Send To Your Their Website!

The website that you need to join for free is called Best Change?

What is Best Change?

It is a website that shows people where they can find websites that will exchange their currency for another form of currency. For Example: Let’s say that you want to purchase something online but the person selling the product does not accept paypal. Instead they accept payza.  Now..let’s say that you don’t have any money in your payza account, but you do have money in your paypal account. Best Change will show you a list of sites where you can trade your paypal money for payza money.

Bestchange has an affiliate program that pays you up to $.45 for each person that refer to their site using your affiliate link. Note: I am going to show you how to promote your Bestchange affiliate link to thousands of people per day for free…n complete auto-pilot!

Here is a detailed look of how they pay per click taken from the Bestchange website…

How To Join The BestChange Affiliate Program And Earn Up to $.45 Per Click That You Get On Your Affiliate Link!

Step #1 – Go to the BestChange Website by Clicking Here Now!

Step 2# – Once you have reached the Bestchange website click on the link at the top of the page that reads “Affiliate Program“. See screenshot below…

After you click on the link that reads “Affiliate Program“, you will be see a page that looks like the one in the screenshot below…

Click on the link that reads “register“. (Shown circled in red in the above screenshot)

After you have registed for the Bestchange affiliate program that pays up to $.45 per click,  then you will need to get your referral link and some banners to promote the program. Note: I am going to show you how to promote your referral link using banners for free to thousands of people per day later in this short course.


Step 2 – How To Get Your BestChange Referral Link


In order to make money from the BestChange affiliate program, you simply need to get people to click on your referral link.

So…You first need to grab your referral link that you can use to promote Bestchange.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to get your affiliate(referral) link.

Step 1 – After you have registered for the affiliate program by follwing the instructions that I have laid out in the first part of this course, you simply need to login and then scroll down the affiliate area on the site that lo0ks like the follwing screenshot…

Next…Copy down your affiliate link (shown circled in red in the above screenshot)

After you have copide down your affiliate link, you can now promote that link and earn up to $.45 person who clicks on that link.


Step 3 – How To Get Unlimited FREE Clicks On Your BestChange Affiliate Link

In order to make money from the BestChange affiliate program, you simply need to advertise your affiliate link and you will earn up to $.45 per person who clicks your link.

Note: Best Change have very strict rules on how you can promote their affiliate link. If you are caught breaking their rules, you will not get paid. Follow my instructions below, to get the right kind of people to click your link..So that you will send only real people who are interested in the Bestchange free service.

Very Important!!!! Please Read:  You can not promote your BestChange affiliate link on any kind of manual or auto traffic exchange. You can only promote your link in a way that only attract people to visit the Bestchange site that are interested iin the service.

To ensure that you only get the right people to click on your Bestchange affiliate link, you will use their banners.

I have grabbed some banners from the Bestchange website that you can use to advertise your Bestchange affiliate link. The banners are below….

Use one of the banners below to promote your Bestchange affiliate link.

Banner #1 looks like this ->

Image link for Banner #1 -> https://www.bestchange.com/images/banners/468×60-13.gif

Banner #2 looks like this->

Image link for Banner #1 -> https://www.bestchange.com/images/banners/468×60-16.gif

Banner #3 looks like this ->

Image link for Banner #3 -> https://www.bestchange.com/images/banners/468×60-18.jpg

Banner #4 looks like this ->

Image link for Banner #4 -> https://www.bestchange.com/images/banners/468×60-20.jpg

To get unlimited free clicks on your BestChange affiliate link you will be using banner exchanges.

What is a banner exchange?

A banner exchange is a free service where you promote other people’s banners and in exchange, these people promote your banners. Each time that you show someone else’s banner, your banner will be show in return.

To get unlimited BestChange banner shown an unlimited amount of times for free…You will be using a system that I created called “Automatic Traffic Generator”

When you use my “Automatic Traffic Generator” system, you will be able to earn unlimited banner advertising credits on from multiple sites. You can use these advertising credits to promote your Bestchange affiliate link and banner.

To start using my Automatic Traffic Generator system to earn unlimited banner impressions, simply go to the following url and enter your name and email address to receive the tutorial via email. Ensure you confirm your email address by checking inbox or spam to get the message.

The link is below.



Note: Do not use the manual and autosurf exchanges to promote your Bestchange affiliate link. Only use the free banners impressions that you will earn to promote your banner. With my “Automatic Traffic Generator” system, you will earn thousands of free banner shows from several different networks that  you can then use to promote your Bestchange affiliate link using the banners that I showed you earlier in this course! In addition you can follow the steps listed in your affiliate page under “How to attract visitors” on bestchange.

If you use this method correctly and follow the instructions to get unlimited free banner impressions using my Automated Traffic Hacks, you can earn as much as $50 in 1 day!

So..what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Get started Now!





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